Introduction: Use the bounty of your backyard to create one or more of these Woodland Crown varieties! These beautiful, all natural crowns will add that special touch to your summer festivals and everyday make-believe dress-up. The samples are made out of real flowers, but these will wilt within a day or two. You can also use faux flowers or crepe paper buds to decorate the twigs – or just lightly weave in fresh flowers each day that you wear the crown!


Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns2

Level of Difficulty: Medium – For ages 5+ with minimal adult supervision.


List of Materials you will need: Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns3

– Twigs and Flowers and/or Hydrangea blooms or other similar flowers

– Cardstock in white or green

– Craft scissors

– Modge Podge™ or Tacky™ Glue

– Big Paint brush

– Stapler

Gel Sticks or paint (optional)

– Gold Spray paint (optional)


The Basic Twig Crown: This crown can be used as the base for the gilded crown or for weaving in flowers, leaves or dried berries. The crown can take on different themes depending upon the story you are creating.


Step 1: Go through your backyard or neighborhood park to collect twigs – anything smaller than ¼” diameter that is not too soft or too twisty. Longer branches can be broken down into correct lengths.


Step 2: Measure around your head right above the ears and add 1” – this is your length. Cut a piece of cardstock that is this length by 4” high. You can use white cardstock and paint it, or you can also buy green cardstock and skip the painting.

Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns4


Step 3: Place your headband flat in front of you and start placing twigs vertically on the headband. No gluing yet, just placing the twigs to get a layout you like. Start from the center with longer twigs and gradually place shorter ones as you move outwards along the length of the headband. Often there are little knots or bends in the twigs and this adds that natural feel. If a knot or bend in a twig creates a big gap, just place a smaller twig into the gap. You can make the spacing as tight or loose as you want – it should look good to YOU! Stop placing twigs about 2” from each end.

Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns5


Step 4: When you like the layout of your crown, gently slide the headband out from beneath the twigs.


Step 5: Use Faber-Castell® Gel Sticks (or paint or crayons) to color your headband green or brown or yellow…or a combination of all three. Allow this to dry. (If you started with green or brown paper you can skip this step.)


Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns6
Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns7
Step 6: Use thick craft glue and a big paintbrush to coat a 2”-3” wide section of the crown, fully from top to bottom. Again start from the center and work outwards. Start moving the twigs from your layout onto the wet glue and pressing and positioning so that each twig fits nicely next to the one next to it and is well embedded in the glue. When all of the twigs are glued in place, set the crown aside to dry.


Step 7: Pick up the flat twig headband and bend it into a crown shape. Overlap the flaps approximately 1” and staple together.


Step 8: To help the headband blend more smoothly with the twigs and look more natural, snip down from the top between the twigs wherever you can fit your scissors. Just snip here and there to give it a more natural, organic appearance.


Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns8Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns9


This sturdy all natural Woodland Crown can now be used as the base for all types of themes:


Themed Nature Crowns: Become the Daisy Queen or King of the Oaks! Weave fresh flowers into the spaces between the twigs. These will last for a few hours or maybe a full day before they wilt, but then can be replaced with other flowers. You can also weave in dried leaves, nuts or berries in the fall, spring flowers in spring, even faux icicles in the winter! Use your imagination and use either natural dried items or realistic faux pieces. You can even place a little bird and nest up there and become Princess Chickadee!

Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns10


Gilded Crown: The picture does not do this justice!! Use gold metallic spray paint to coat your twig crown and you will have a truly royal headpiece! Allow the crown to dry for several hours before use. Spray paint must be used with adult supervision in a well ventilated space.

Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns11


Flower Princess Crown: This crown was made with real hydrangea blossoms from the garden. They will dry and may remain intact but will lose their color. You can make this same crown with dried flower petals – rose petals work great.

Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns12


Step 1: For this crown cut the cardstock band only 2.5” high at the ends and 4” in the center with a scallop shape. The length is the circumference of your head just above the ears plus 1”. (If you want to use a base that is sturdier than cardstock but still supple and soft, try craft felt or Foamies™ sheets. Or for the super deluxe model and keeping it all natural, you can cover the cardstock with white cotton fabric using spray mount.)

Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns13


Step 2: Paint a section with glue and then carefully cut and place your flower petals symmetrically from the center of the band outward. Only apply glue in small sections, place flowers, repeat. The hydrangea blooms are great because they lay relatively flat and each little petal section looks like a little butterfly or fairy – very sweet!

Creativity for Kids Woodland Crowns14


Step 3: Once the glue is dry, carefully bend the band into a crown shape, overlapping the ends by at least 1”, and staple.

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