Fun lesson for Earth Day!
By Janis Doukakis


The goal of this exercise is for students to learn about the concept and use of warm and cool colors in a watercolor painting of their own. The Connector Paints are designed to click together in various creative combinations for interest and to encourage creativity.


Warm colors
Cool colors
Textural effects

Faber-Castell Connector Paint Box

List of materials you will need:
Connector Paint Box
CLIC&GO Water Cup
Black Jumbo Marker
Watercolor Paper
– Paper plate
– Brush
– Salt
– Pencil


Step 1: Using a paper plate as the guide, make a light drawing of the sun/moon with pencil. Add remaining detail.

Faber-Castell Warm Cool Lesson Sketch

Step 2: Using the Connector Paint Box, paint the sun half of the art in warm colors and the moon half in cool colors. Discuss the use and effect of using warm and cool colors in nature and art. Achieve exciting textural effects with salt, by sprinkling it onto the areas of wet paint.

Faber-Castell Warm Cool Lesson Paint

Step 3: Finally, paint stars using the small tube of white paint (included in the Connector Paint Box). Add character and punch to the painting by using the black jumbo marker as an outline over the watercolor paint.

Faber-Castell Warm Cool Lesson Detail


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