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After you download the music from a CD, they often sit for years unused or end up in the trash. You can repurpose yours into handy boxes that are perfect for stowing art materials, desk supplies, toys, trinkets and even more CDs!! Everyone needs handy boxes for stowing things, so these make great gifts. This craft is pretty easy but to get started you will need a second pair of hands, so work with a friend or parent – you can help them make theirs and vice versa.


Level of Difficulty:  Intermediate – For ages 7+ or younger with adult assistance. If you have any questions, please click on Contact Us on our website and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Estimated Completion time: Only 15-20 minutes per box!


List of Materials you will need:

– 5 Empty CD cases – make sure that you have permission from your parents to use these. Remove the inside paper and any sticker labels on the outside.CD-4

– Duct Tape

– Scissors

– Tape measure or 24” ruler

– Optional: Frame version requires photos and clear tape



Step 1 – Assembly: Cut 8 pieces of duct tape (any color, though if you have black this will be least visible), each about 2” to 3” long and line these up along the edge of the table, ready for use.


Step 2: Work on a flat steady table – you don’t want any wobbling! Lay 1 case flat and arrange the other 4 cases (on their long edges) around it to create a box shape. Make sure all edges are neatly aligned so the box is true.

CD-5 CD-6 CD-7

Step 3: Using the pieces of tape that you set aside earlier, place 1 piece between each of the intersections on the inside of the box. This means 4 pieces between each of the sides to hold these together and the other 4 will hold each of the sides to the bottom.  A second pair of hands can be very helpful for this step!  You can work together with a friend or parent – you hold their box while they tape and then they hold your box while you tape.  Once the inside is taped the box should be pretty stable and easier to wrap the outside, but still a little bit fragile, so handle with care. Once the boxes are fully wrapped they are very sturdy and can hold almost anything!


Step 4 – Width Ripping: One of the great things about duct tape is that it is a woven tape, which means you can rip it in long lengths and it will rip evenly along the full length. Most rolls of duct tape are a little less than 2” wide, but what if you want a long strip that’s only 1” wide? Just measure across the roll at the end, to the width you want (in this case 1”), snip in about ½” and pull from the roll. The tape will rip along that same 1” width for as long as you want it to be! You can use this technique in some of the following box versions.


Step 5 – The Plaid Version: This version requires 3 or 4 different colors of tape. In our example we used 4 colors. All strips are approximately 24” long and a variety of widths.


Step 6: Always start with a full width strip Around the entire box. This will make the box stronger and less likely to come apart at the joints. Cut a 24” length and wrap evenly around the box, overlapping the ends about 1”.  Where the ends overlap, this will be the back of the box, so always try to start and end on the same side, on the “back”.


Step 7: Your 2nd strip should be a different color than the first and can be any width – you choose.  Wrap this strip Front-to-Back, from the inside top edge on 1 side, down that side, across the bottom and up the opposite side.  You end on the inside of the opposite side of where you started.


Step 8: The 3rd strip should be a new 3rd color, in any width, and will cover the other 2 sides of the box from Side-to-Side. Wrap it just like the 2nd strip, from inside the top around the bottom to the inside top of the opposite side.


Step 9: Continue wrapping each of the 3 “planes” in the same order: Around, Front-to-Back, and Side-to-Side, each time changing the color and width of the strip.  Wrap until the box is fully covered and you like the pattern that you’ve created.


Step 10 – The Frame Version:  This makes a great gift for grandparents!!  Get 3 or 4 pictures and tape each inside the cover of a CD case, facing out. The cases with the photos will form the sides of the box. You can also use your own artwork or interest pictures from magazines.


Step 11: Follow Steps 1 thru 3 to construct the box, making sure your photos are all facing outward and are all right side up!


Step 12: Wrap the entire box in one color tape, (in our example, white), EXCEPT not over the pictures! Apply the strips around the edges of the photos as best you can.


Step 13: To really make the photos Pop, use thinner strips of a contrasting color to “frame” each photo.


Step 14 – The All-Over Version:  There are so many great colors and patterns of duct tape available it’s hard to choose!! But take a favorite and wrap the box all over in just this one pattern.  If you have lots of CD cases and lots of favorite tapes, you can make lots of these as gifts for friends or for stowing all your little goodies! Because they’re plastic, they’re waterproof, so they work great in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden, the workbench, art studio, bedrooms, offices, EVERYWHERE!!


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