DIY Gifts for Day

As Father’s Day approaches quickly, it is time to get out the paint brushes and switch on your creativity to give Dad or Grandpa the gift he really wants. YOUR CHILD’S CREATIONS! There are so many possible crafts to make for dad and with dad on his day but, here are some of our favorites!

 DIY Crafts for Dad


DIY Crafts to Give to Dad for Father’s Day:


1. No Sew Fleece Blanket

One of dad’s favorite past times is watching sports! Most will even sit outside in the cold and rain to see a game winning point! Your kids can make their dad a Fleece Blanket that is perfect for any cold day. You can buy fleece at your local craft store. It will be a blast to pick out which design your dad will love best! Once you have your perfect print follow “Snapguide” to tie your blanket!


2. Paper Weights

Paper weights have been in use for hundreds of years. The only problem is they can often times be dull. Your children can make a fun, colorful paper weight by painting rocks! You can make this craft easier by purchasing the Creativity for Kids rock painting kit. The kit will come with the rocks, paint and brushes so all you have to focus on is making vibrant paper weights for Dad. To really customize the paper weight for dad, check out this post for ideas and inspiration.

dad rocks


3. Sand Footprint Craft

There is nothing that a dad loves more than his kids. Having a keepsake from when their children’s feet were small is the best gift any dad could ask for! Create footprints in the sand by using ‘Paging Fun Mums’ tutorial.


4. Grilling Apron

What dad doesn’t love to grill for their kids? This Grilling Apron is a perfect gift for the grilling masters in your family! Your children can make an apron covered with handprints to look like fish! Making this gift will be fun and easy for you and your children! ‘Frugal Craft’ gives us a guide on how to make a perfect grilling apron for Dad!

Gift for Dad

5. Homemade pillow

For dads that love to be comfortable, make them a colorful pillow! Your DIY pillow will be perfect for any lounge day dad comes across. You will use glue and Fabric Paint to make these fun, bright, comfy looking pillows! ‘Meri Cherry’ lets us in on the Fabric Resistant Art Pillows that are sure to leave your dad jumping for joy!


For our newest DIY craft to make for Dad, check out the tutorial to make a Clay Change Tray.

fathers day present


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