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School’s out for summer! Now what?!? While we are super excited to be outside and not be on a strict schedule, we still need some indoor activities for when it rains, or for the older kids while the littles nap, or while mom works… It’s going to be a long (but fun!) summer. These adorable summer shell crabs are the perfect craft to keep those little fingers busy!


Benefits of Crafting with Kids


My kids love making and playing with little animals and creatures. They especially love the beach, so this project is a great way to use those beach-found (or store-bought) shells you have lying around. It is an excellent way to practice those fine motor skills through painting, cutting, gluing, and forming chenille stems. Also, the perfect time to unwind and just catch up in a time when sports and cookouts take over the calendar.


How to Make Summer Shell Crabs Craft for Kids


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Seashells
  • Tempera paint
  • Chenille stems
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue


easy kids crafts


Summer Shell Crabs Video:






Summer Shell Crabs Instructions:


1. Paint shell(s) using tempera paint. Let dry.

paint craft


2. Cut 2 coordinating chenille stems in half.

kids craft


3. Line up all 4 chenille stems lengths and twist together in the middle.

crafts for kids


4. Bend front 2 stems into claw shape.

crab craft


5. Glue wiggle eyes on top on shell.

paint crafts


6. Glue chenille stems under shell at twist. Let dry.

bored craft



summer activities


It would be shellfish not to share this fun summer Mermaid Necklace craft. Another great use for displaying those seashells you have at home using air dry clay, paint, and glitter! ✨ Or, if you have a summer birthday party to attend, this Mermaid Jewelry kit or Mermaid Tail Jewelry Maker kit are sure to make a splash!


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