Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This sparkling green shamrock was made from Tooby Loops™, an open-ended craft kit using unique mesh tubing that inspires imagination and is highly addictive as a craft component. Instructions for this quick, easy craft:


1. Insert 1 green chenille stem into the Tooby Loop.  Bend the stem into a circle.


2. Cut the Tooby Loop at the end of the stem. Make sure you leave a little extra of the mesh tubing.


3. Using one end of the chenille stem, tie it to the other or use craft glue to secure it. Bend the stem into a heart.


4. Repeat the above until you have 3 “hearts.”


5. Insert a green chenille stem into the mesh tubing to create the shamrock’s stem. Cut the remaining tubing.


6. Arrange the hearts/leaves as shown above and carefully take the top of the shamrock’s stem and wrap it around the bottom of the hearts to keep it all together!


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