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Hide and Seek Rock Painting

There’s a new trend hiding around every corner of the world, and it ROCKS-literally! People are taking the classic activity of rock painting a step further by hiding these inspiring works of art in public places for others to find.  See how this easy and fun activity is making landslides of happiness and positivity all over the globe through hide and seek rock painting. Join in the rock painting trend today!

Rock Solid Kindness

It’s hard to put a starting point on the simple act of kindness, but one of the most dominant trends out there right now seems to have started with The Kindness Rocks Project. Megan Murphy lost her parents during her early twenties. Living in Cape Cod, she would take walks along the beach to gather her thoughts. Whenever she needed guidance, she would look for “signs” from her parents on the beach to help her. She found inspiration in heart-shaped rocks and various pieces of sea glass.

Realizing that other people might also be looking for help as she did, she painted and wrote on a few rocks and left them on the beach for others to find. A friend found one and texted her, telling her that it made her day to find it. She started leaving more rocks and the project was born.

The Rock Painting Trend is a Global Movement of Kindness

So, just how widespread is this movement? People are creating, hiding and finding these rocks all over the globe. Groups as far north as Alpine Elementary near Savissivik, Greenland, and as far south as Fish Creek in Victoria, Australia, are participating in this family and community activity. Positivity is spreading in nearly every country, such as Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Venezuela and many more. In the United States, groups line the coasts and spread throughout the states such as the rockers of Maryville Rocks in East Tennessee, the 4,800 participants in Mansfield Rocks in Texas, the Pittsburg Rocks group that hides rocks around city parks and libraries in Pennsylvania, Raleigh Rocks in North Carolina and the almost 175,000 members of Northeast Ohio Rocks!.

Starting the Hunt

There are now hundreds of individual pages, thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of pictures of kindness rocks when you start your search for the trend on Facebook. Megan Murphy’s goals for the project are simple:

  1. Inspire others
  2. Recruit others to join the pursuit of inspiration

The process is equally as simple.

  1. Paint a rock
  2. Leave it in a public place for inspiration

No artistic talent or skill is required!  Something as simple as block painting, writing inspirational messages and painting artwork of all kinds are some popular ways to paint your rocks. To really connect with others, post a picture on Facebook to give people a clue about the rock you hide. When you find a rock, post of picture of that one, too. You can always add a hashtag or other identifier on the back of your rock to help people find your group and see how the rocks inspire others.

Here are some more tips from the Shawnee OK Rocks group:

  • Protect your artwork and the environment by weatherproofing rocks with a clear coat of paint or sealant
  • Respect private property and only place rocks on public land
  • Keep everyone safe and avoid placing rocks at heights that could harm someone if the rock falls
  • Steer clear of areas where lawn mowers, weed-eaters or other garden tools could create a safety hazard if they were to catch on the rocks

Spreading joy and staying active are sky”rock”eting with this trending form of hide and seek. Grab your kids and your paint brushes to get rocking!

For an even easier way to get started with this fun activity, look for Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kits with everything you need to paint your first rocks.

Rock Painting Trend




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