Have you heard about the hide and seek rock painting movement? Groups of all ages are hiding painted rocks across the country in hopes of spreading kindness and joy to those that discover them.  Guest blogger, Marisa Wissman, who was co-chair of a recent rock painting event at her children’s school, describes why rock painting was the perfect creative activity for their school. 


Rocks + Paint + Kindness = FUN!

We have worked really hard to instill The Random Acts of Kindness and Mindfulness movements within our school community at Goldwood Primary School in Rocky River, OH.  When learning how our brain works, we discovered that small acts of kindness light up our brain’s pleasure and reward centers as if we were the recipient, not the giver!  How cool is that?!  Thus, when it was time to plan our annual Creativity Day, we wanted to turn these ideas of spreading kindness and positivity into a fun, tangible experience for all.  This experience needed to be small, simple and creative, as well as spur our own movement.  In addition, it was important that this movement carry on, not only throughout the summer, but sustain as a tradition for years to come.  We chose rock painting – a classic art and craft activity of using paint to add colorful pictures and positive messages to ordinary rocks. Once the rocks are painted, we would be hidden for others to find.  Voila!  It was the perfect activity to tie our traditional Creativity Day to promoting kindness and sustainability!

Inspiration rocks. Gorgeous, bright colors!

Goldwood’s Creativity Day Rocked!

With over 400 students and 60 parent volunteers, we were ready to paint and hide rocks all over our small town.  Throughout a beautiful, sunny day, we visited each of the classes.  First, we read Kindness Counts, by Bryan Smith.  Then, encouraged the children to discuss a time in their life when someone did something kind for them. When Vanessa, my co-chair, and I took a moment to look around, we saw huge smiles and love emanating from the kids. They got it! They were excited and ready to paint the very best rock they could possibly paint in order to hide it for someone else to find. One reason rock painting was such a great activity to choose for our Creativity Day is anyone can do it.   The whole family can participate from the youngest to the oldest…or, in our case, the whole school!   Another benefit is how open-ended the activity is – kids can let their imaginations run wild. To help our students get started, we painted a collection of “inspiration rocks” ahead of time.

Students painted rocks on the school’s lawn during the event.

One of the painted rocks that was hidden for others to find.

Spread Positivity and Kindness by Painting Rocks

What struck me most about this rock painting event was how simple of an idea it was, yet it seemed to have an exponentially greater impact on the parents who volunteered, the kids, and teachers.  In fact, this year, we decided to forego bringing in professional artists or holding a flashy assembly. Yet we received such positive feedback and everyone loved the process.  To see the youngest kindergartners gingerly walk their painted rock back to their classroom at the end of the day, carefully point out the unicorn or bird or wave they had painted, all the while knowing they would be GIVING away their masterpiece, was really priceless.

We can’t wait to spot rocks this summer and post pics to our Facebook page.  That way, our young artists and kindness spreaders can see how happy their creation made someone!  Thank you Faber-Castell for your generous support!


Marisa Wissman

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Marisa and Vanessa, co-chairs of the Goldwood Creativity Day Rock Painting Event


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