To download the PDF of the Refrigerator Gobbler Grip-It craft activity, click here.


Level of Difficulty: Average – This craft is fun and appropriate for the whole family, from ages 3 to adult. Younger children may need the help of an adult to glue and align their pieces, while kids 7+ may be able to do this craft with little or no assistance. If you have any questions while doing this craft, please click on Contact Us on our website and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Estimated Completion time: Approximately 30 – 60 minutes, depending on drying time.


List of Materials you will need:



– 5-7 white feathers

– Full-size clothespin

– Cardstock – choose solid or patterned papers in autumn colors

– Magnetic strip with self-adhesive backing

– Paint – in autumn colors

– Craft glue

– Paint brush

– Scissors

– Black Marker or teeny tiny googly eyes




Magnetic clips are great for posting notes on your fridge, locker, file cabinet or metal message board. This festive turkey, made with real feathers and simple craft materials, is perfect for posting your holiday party plans.


Step 1: Use autumn paint colors, like reds, oranges, golds and browns, to paint stripes on your white feathers. Or paint them your own unique way. You can try polka dots or each feather a different color or any way you can imagine. Use a light touch with the paint – too much paint will not dry well on the lightweight feathers. Set aside to dry.



Step 2: Create the Paper Parts – Create your cutting patterns and use these to cut a variety of body parts from the cardstock.


For the Tail you need two 2-1/2” diameter circles. For the Body you need one onion-shaped piece approximately 2-1/2” wide and 3” tall and tapering to the neck – the neck will be the same width as the clothespin. For the Head, cut a teardrop shape with the pointy end rounded off. This should be approximately 1 ¾” long by ¾” wide at the wide end. You also need one black beak, which is an elongated diamond about ½” long. The shapes do NOT need to be perfect – turkey’s come in lots of different funny shapes!


If you’re working with patterned papers, you might try cutting a variety of different colors/designs and experimenting with different combinations. You can also use solid colored papers as is or you can paint patterns onto the solid colors. Experiment!


Decide which pieces you will use before you begin gluing all together.



Step 3: Assemble the Body – Glue the body piece to the clothespin so that the clip is facing down toward the “feet.” The bottom of the cardstock should align with the bottom of the clip and the neck should align with the clip handle.


Glue the head to the upper part of the clip handle, overlapping the neck portion of the body.





Glue the beak to the head. If you have little googly eyes you can glue these in place above the beak or use a black marker to draw little dots for the eyes. Set the whole piece aside to dry.


Step 4: Assemble the Tail – Arrange your painted feathers in a semi-circle. If your feathers have long thick stems these may need to be cut away to allow the feathers to make a neat flat arc.



Generously apply glue to one of your tail circles and place this on your arc of feathers. Place it in the lower center of the arc, making sure the glue captures all of the feathers.


When all are secure, gently pick up the entire tail, feathers and all, and flip it over. Apply glue to the other circle and press this into the back side of the feathers, aligning with the first circle, like a feather sandwich!


Allow the glue to dry.


Step 5: Apply the magnets – Cut a piece of magnetic strip large enough to cover the circle on the backside of the tail feathers. This can be done with one big circle or use smaller pieces placed side by side.



Remove the adhesive backing and apply to the circle.


Step 6: Put it all together! Apply glue to the back side of the clothespin, the opposite side from the body and head.


Place the tail section on the glued clothespin so that the painted side of the feathers is facing forward and the fan of feathers is nicely balanced behind the head. Allow to dry.




All Done! Stick him to your fridge or locker and where he can display your important memos!


And don’t forget to take pictures and share with us on Facebook.


To download the PDF of the Refrigerator Gobbler Grip-It craft activity, click here.




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