Recycled Drink Lid Jellyfish Craft

It’s the throes of summer and we are thinking today of the SEA! Can’t get to the ocean? Well, neither can we. But we CAN make a fun jellyfish craft using recycled materials. Most of the items you’ll need can be found around the house- even in the recycle bin! Just make sure all of your recycled items are clean and dry.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • recycled “bubble” or dome-style drink lid
  • bubble wrap (any color)
  • basket wrap
  • curling ribbon
  • wire stems (like pipe cleaners)
  • pom-pom
  • scissors
  • glitter glue and paintbrush (optional)

For the first step, you’ll remove the rim of the drink lid with the scissors. It’s very easy to cut. Then paint the INSIDE of the drink lid with glitter glue.


Cut off the rim and paint the inside with glitter glue if you like.

Cut off the rim and paint the inside with glitter glue if you like.

Next, cut 3 pieces of curling ribbon- about 12 inches each but you don’t have to be exact- and a few strips of bubble wrap to make tentacles. Secure them together with a wire stem, twisting them to keep them together. Then add a pom pom in the wire and twist again. It will look like this:

twist curling ribbon, bubble wrap strips, and a pom-pom in wire.

Now cut a circle of bubble wrap and 2-3 layers of basket wrap. Make a snip in the middle of these and thread the wire stem up through the middle of the basket wrap, then the bubble wrap.

bubble wrap and basket wrap added!

You can give it a trim if you like.

Then you add your bubble lid by threading the stem up through the hold in middle. Twist the wire stem into a hanging loop so you can hang up your jellyfish and display it proudly!

We even made you a video so you can see how to make it EASILY- it only 2 minutes!


Have fun staying cool- by recycling and crafting!


Recycled Drink Lid Jellyfish craft



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