paper flowers, kids crafts, coffee filter flowers, recycle crafts

Today we are raiding the kitchen cabinets and recycle bin for a fun project that everyone will love! Let’s make paper poppies and carnations!  paper flowers, paper poppies, kids crafts

For this project, most of what you’ll need is in the kitchen.

  • coffee filters and/or baking cups
  • food coloring
  • recycled paper egg carton
  • craft sticks
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint and paintbrush (optional)
  • white glue

We have a video that shows you how to create these colorful paper poppies- and carnations, too- step by step!

And here are you step-by-steps:

  1. On a protected surface, flatten out the paper baking cups and coffee filters. Mist them with water or give them a quick dunk.
  2. Drop food color onto the paper cups and filters, and spread them around with a paintbrush. Let them dry.
  3. Using the scissors, cut out the paper egg cups from the carton and paint them with acrylic paint.
  4. Paint the craft sticks too and let them dry.
  5. Place some white glue in the bottom of the egg cup and place the largest circle you are going to use. Add 3-5 layers, adding glue in between, to make it fluffy and full.
  6. Take your smaller circles and fold them up a few times. Put a puddle of glue in the middle, then place 3-5 folded circles to make it full and pretty!
  7. Add some glue to the end of a craft stick and place the egg cup on top. Let dry.

paper flowers, kids crafts, coffee filter flowers, recycle crafts

These flowers are so vibrant and colorful- they make an excellent Earth Day decoration, Mother’s Day gift or even a Teacher’s Appreciation present!



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