Outdoor Chalk Art

The world is your canvas with Outdoor Chalk Art!

Fun for outside, these super vibrant chalks will make your sidewalk sing! This Outdoor Chalk Art kit includes everything you need for hours of chalking fun; 12 bright chunky chalks, kneeling cushion, no pinch chalk grips, and blending tools. Get your friends and create!

What to Draw?

If you can draw circles, curves and lines you can draw anything! Here are ideas of how connecting circles with lines and curves can guide you to creating whatever you want. Then add a little detail to make your art pop.

Outdoor Chalk Art



Blend and Smudge

Use the foam and brush tools to blend colors together or create soft edges in your art.

Chalk Art



Shapes and Patterns

Use the cracks, bumps and breaks in the pavement to help guide your drawing. Maybe a crack could become part of an egg, or a line becomes a mouth. Bricks are great ways to make pixel-like pictures.

Outdoor Chalk Art


Art in Motion

Since you have the whole surface of the ground to draw on, you can create extra large drawings. Try placing yourself in a scene, or giving your friend wings, dunking a basketball, or making yourself look extra tall! Chalk Art Ideas

Watch the video for more inspiration!

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