“When you put together things that people have thrown out, you’re really bringing them to life – a spiritual life that surpasses the life for which they were originally created.” -Louise Nevelson 1899-1988

By Janis Doukakis


Found objects – objects that originally had a different purpose, which the artist collected and used in his/her artwork
Assemblage – form of sculpture made of “found” objects arranged in such a way that they create a piece; these objects can be anything organic or man-made
Monochromatic – having only one color
Form – a 3 dimensional figure
Shape- 2 dimensional or flat with defined edges
Composition- combining elements in a pleasing arrangement
Tempera Paint_8oz bottles (1)

Recommended for ages 5+

List of materials you will need:Nevelson Step 1

Faber-Castell® Tempera Paints
– Box lid
– Variety of disposable odds and ends
– White glue or glue gun
– Paint brush

Step 1: Provide a large assortment of disposable odds and ends in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes for students to choose from. Have each student carefully choose a dozen or so items for their art.

Read http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/louise-nevelson-the-artistand-the-legend.

Nevelson Step 2

Discuss how Nevelson was famous for her assemblage sculptures made of found objects.

Step 2: Have them layout their objects in an interesting way inside their box lid. Encourage them to experiment; group similar objects to create repetition, look at things at different angles and positions, make them fit.

Nevelson Step 3


When they have decided on a pleasing composition, have them glue the pieces down.

Step 3: Have students paint their assemblage in a monochromatic manner, including sides of the box and back.Nevelson Finished



Notice how the painted pieces have been transformed and simplified into beautiful shapes and forms.

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