In 2014, Faber-Castell® Premium Children’s Art Products launched its first ever Marker Recycling Program. 100 Terracycle boxes were distributed to schools nationwide. These boxes are used to collect empty plastic marker barrels. When the boxes are full, the marker barrels are then sent to Terracycle where they find new lives as outdoor furniture, reclaimed jewelry, gardening tools and more!


Respect for the environment is one of the pillars the Faber-Castell business was built on over 250 years ago.  As the world’s biggest single producer of wood-cased pencils, Faber-Castell needs up to 150,000 tons of wood every year.


On our pine plantation in Brazil, 25,000 acres of Pinus caribaea flourishes in the dry, sandy soil of the Brazilian savannah.  Not only does the plantation provide the wood required for making pencils, the forestry projects also absorb many times the amount of carbon dioxide that the company generates in all of its 14 production sites world-wide. At the same time, the woods are home to numerous plant and animal species, some of them threatened with extinction.





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