How to Draw a Turkey

Let kids personalize their Thanksgiving with this “How to Draw a Turkey” art project.  Our turkey is based on the book,“The Very Stuffed Turkey” by Katharine Kenah. We encourage you to read it first and then start drawing!

Imagine, create, experiment and discover. Art is where children learn to express ideas and feelings, solve problems, and develop self confidence and self discipline. You can nurture and develop an interest and passion for creative thinking in your own children right from your own home. All you need are some basic art supplies, time, and a kitchen table. Presented here, are simple and fun literature and art projects offering a rich and creative experience for your child, and are very simple for you to guide. Enjoy!


Make an example of the art:

Besides creating an example to inspire your child, taking the 30 minutes to follow the simple steps and make the art yourself allows you to experience the art processes and any potential pitfalls. It will enable you to guide your child through the project with confidence and experience, easing any complications or stress, thus creating a successful experience for both of you.

Set up:
Prepare your kitchen table for an art project! An old re-usable vinyl table cloth works best for protecting the surface. Set out the paper, crayons, pencil and black marker.

Establish a comfortable place for reading, and read aloud, “The Very Stuffed Turkey” to your child. Share the illustrations, and discuss the fun idea of how this cute Turkey is a guest at five very different friends’ homes for Thanksgiving.


Faber-Castell Jumbo Beeswax Crayons
Faber-Castell 9 x 12 Sketch Pad
Black fine liner marker


Let’s draw Turkey!

Begin by having your child draw 2 ovals, with the top one being a little smaller then the bottom one.

How to Draw A Turkey
Next, show your child how to connect the top and bottom ovals with the neck.
Continue with small squares for the top of the turkey’s legs, along with his little stick bird legs.
Add his 2 wings, 5 tail feathers and a comb on his head.
How to Draw A Turkey

Draw his face. Google eyes could be used too!
Ask your child what his turkey will wear to Thanksgiving dinner! Let them draw any type of outfit including colors and detail—belts, suspenders, collars, pockets, ties, buttons, maybe even shoes!
How to Draw A Turkey

Next, have your child design the turkey’s tail feathers.
Here are some ideas:

How to Draw A Turkey
Have your child trace over his finished drawing with a black marker and then color the turkey with crayons!

How to Draw A Turkey
Finally, ask your child what his or her favorite Thanksgiving foods are, or maybe even, just favorite foods (they could be very funny, pizza, ice cream, etc…. ) Have him or her draw these simple images on Turkey’s mind by floating them all around him in a fun cartoon-y way.  Your child can choose to leave the drawings in black and white, or color them.

How to Draw A Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d love to see your student or child’s artwork! Tag us on social media #GreatArtStartsHere
To download the How to Draw a Turkey in a PDF file, click here.

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