Heart Collage Art Lesson

The Heart Collage Art Project is a LOVEly project for Valentine’s Day! In this mixed-media project, kids will learn how to create collages using different and unique combinations of materials. When finished, they can give the heart collages as homemade gifts.

Fostering a creative foundation in your child with art.

Imagine, create, experiment and discover. Art is where children learn to express ideas and feelings, solve problems, and develop self confidence and self discipline. You can nurture and develop an interest and passion for creative thinking in your own children right from your own home. All you need are some basic art supplies, time, and a kitchen table. Presented here, is a simple and fun Valentine collage project offering a rich and creative experience for your child, and is very simple for you to guide. Enjoy!


Faber-Castell Tempera Paint
Faber-Castell Connector Paintbox
Faber-Castell Oil Pastels
Watercolor Paint
Faber-Castell 9 x 12 Watercolor Paper
Faber-Castell 9 x 12 Construction Paper
Paper Plate (for palette)
Variety of round and flat brushes
Pencil, glue, scissors/edging scissors, hole punch
Misc. collage materials: yarn, string, old book pages or newspaper, sheet music, corrugated cardboard scraps, doilies, rickrack, buttons, stamps Other misc. found objects at home could include: sequins, beads, gems, bits of lace, Scrabble tiles, glitter, words cut out of magazines

Set up:
Prepare your kitchen table for an art project! An old re-usable vinyl table cloth works best for protecting the surface and providing a water-proof background.
It can later be wiped clean, or left dirty (with dried paint), and folded up. Old newspaper will also do, although it can slip around, and paint or water can soak through. Set out all of the materials for the art project.


Making Valentines

Offering your child the opportunity to make Valentines is the perfect time to introduce the art of collage! A collage is defined as a piece of art composed of various materials not normally associated with one another and glued onto a backing in a pleasing way. A series of steps and techniques are used in making a collage:

1. Choosing a base/background – paper or cardboard, wood, etc…
2. Selecting materials – variety of papers, paints, 3D items etc…
3. Cutting or tearing – using scissors or tearing for added interest
4. Arranging, layering
5. Attaching – stitching, tying, gluing
6. Assembling – putting basic elements together for final art
7. Adding details/embellishments – found objects, glitter, final decorations

Heart Collage Art Project

1. Stitched Heart (4 x 5)
For this design, show your child how to paint a thin layer of tempera over an old book page. Paint sparingly so that the type is still visible. Let dry.

For the stitching, help your child by punching holes (1/8 in. hole punch) around the edge of the paper to allow for string or yarn to be easily “sewn” through. This is a fun way to introduce stitching (without a needle) to your child!

Begin by tying a bow with the end of a length of string, and then show your child how to use the rest of the length to stitch around the edge, beginning at the bottom left. Sew clockwise. Tuck the end under the bow and glue down.

Finally, show your child how to draw and paint a heart on watercolor paper, cut it out, and attach with glue to the center of the background.

Heart Collage Art Project

2. Watercolor Resist Heart (4 x 5)
For this design, show your child how to paint cool, blue/green colors on watercolor paper. Show them how to let the wet paint blend together to achieve this look.

In the middle of a separate piece of watercolor paper, have your child
create any kind of linework with oil pastel or crayon. Using watercolor, have them then paint over the linework in red or another warm color.

Notice how the oil pastel/crayon resists the paint to create this exciting look! When dry, have your child draw a heart over the best part of the artwork, cut it out, and attach with glue to the painted base.

Finally, show your child how to add fun bits of detail/embellishments to the art with glue.

Heart Collage Art Project

3. Corrugated Heart (4×5)
For this design, show your child how to begin by painting the base of the artwork with tempera. Let dry.
Next, show your child how to paint a scrap of corrugated cardboard. Have them choose a few colors, and paint by lightly sweeping the paintbrush in an up and down motion loosely following the ridges. Let dry.
Finally, show your child how to draw and paint a heart on a separate piece of paper and cut it out. They can then assemble the art by attaching each layer with glue. Add a final touch with any kind of fun detail.

Heart Collage Art Project

4. Musical Heart (4×5)
For this Valentine, show your child how to begin by choosing three colors and painting the base of the artwork in tempera. Show them how to use a flat brush and make strokes in different directions, some overlapping and making new colors. It’s easy to have beautiful results! Let dry.
Show your child how to draw and cut out a heart from a sheet of music,
or a copy of one. Free sheet music downloads are easily available online.
Next, create the heart’s edging by showing your child how to trace the
paper heart onto colored paper. Using scallop edged scissors you can then help them cut about 1/4 in. outside of the traced heart. Assemble the art by attaching the 3 layers with glue.
Finally, have your child embellish their valentine with cut pieces of doilies.


Final note
Now that you and your child know the basics of the art of collage, you can create anything! Make the Valentines presented here AND any creations of your own! There are endless ideas, color combinations, and materials
to use. Just add your imagination, and most of all have fun!

We’d love to see your student or child’s artwork! Tag us on social media #GreatArtStartsHere
To download the Heart Collage Art Lesson in a PDF file, click here.


Have A Happy Valentine’s Day


Heart Collage Art Project

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