Father's Day craft

Father’s Day is coming! What do you get that dad, grandpa, and/or father figure in your life? These clay change trays are the perfect handmade gift for any guy’s desk, dresser, or nightstand.


My husband uses his to collect pocket change, collar stays (that typically seem to go missing), and he always knows where he can find a spare guitar pick for family jam time!


Benefits of Crafting with Kids


Not only are these handmade clay dishes useful, they are a great learning opportunity and practice for your child’s fine motor skills. Shaping and forming clay is a great activity to get those little hands messy and strong. It’s also a great way to practice shapes and letters. Once dry, painting is always fun, messy, and an important stepping stone for future skills and techniques.


While you have this one-on-one time and full attention of your child, take the time to discuss why the recipient(s) of this gift is special. My preschooler is fascinated with how people are connected to her, whether it’s family or friends.


How to Craft A Clay Change Tray Father’s Day


Here is what you’ll need:


Father’s Day Clay Change Tray Video:



Father’s Day Clay Change Tray Instructions:


1. Roll clay in to 2″ ball.

clay craft


2. Flatten to 1/4″ thickness. OR use cookie cutter to create desired shape.

kids clay craft


3. Pinch edges up.

air dry clay craft


4. Use thumbs or fingers to create design.

fathers day gift


5. Use toothpick to draw shapes or letters. Let dry.

clay dad gift


6. Paint! Let dry.

fathers day paint craft



fathers day present


Another awesome desk decor gift for Dad to display are these Father’s Day Painted & Hand-Lettered Rocks. This “Mommy & Me” craft are a fun way for kids and adults to collaborate on a fun and meaningful gift.


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