Valentine's Day Art Project

A fun and colorful Valentine’s Day Art Project using Faber-Castell Oil Pastels. Kids can create adorable Candy Hearts with personalized messages for Valentine’s Day.


Hearts with Oil Pastels

Step 1:
First, trace several hearts all over the paper using the template. Think about a spilled box of candy hearts. Have some hearts overlap, other only partially on the paper.

Step 2:
Next, create the illusion of three-dimensional hearts by drawing only on the right or left side of the heart.

Step 3:
Next, using an oil pastel, outline your heart and then color in one direction.

Step 4:
Then cross-hatch over that with a white oil pastel.

Step 5:
Using a Q-tip and baby oil, blend the colorful oil pastel and the white together to create a tint, or a light color.

Step 6:
To create depth, color only the top and bottom of the side of the heart in color and the middle in white.

Step 7:
Blend with Q-tip and baby oil.

Step 8:
Think of what you’d like your Candy Heart to say. Write it out on a piece of paper the same size as your heart.

Step 9:
On the reverse side, color very hard with a pencil using cross-hatching. Place the paper heart over the oil pastel heart and trace your words. A copy will appear!

Step 10:
Lastly, go over your words again in red oil pastel or a color of your choice. Continue with this process until your masterpiece is complete!

(This step-by-step lesson plan was created by the very talented Cassie Stephens.)

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Valentine's Day Art Project

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