Earth Day Recycle Robot Project

Create your own robot using Faber-Castell Metallic Colored EcoPencils and Recycled Materials
Robots are everywhere… if you have a creative mind, Faber-Castell Metallic Colored EcoPencils and a few other handy materials. Look around for the robot parts disguised as recyclable materials such as empty plastic containers, cardboard tubes and small boxes, plastic beads, caps from soda bottles. Generally find any simple, geometric shaped materials in the form of a cylinder, cube, sphere or cone that are masquerading as dowel rods, old pencils, empty prescription containers (thoroughly wash first!), paper towel tubes, metal washers or small jewelry boxes. Assemble a variety of these “found” materials along with the following suggested materials.



• Faber-Castell Metallic Colored EcoPencils
• Self-stick label stock (various sizes available at your local office supply store) or paper (drawing or printing….should be light weight but substantial)
• Tape and/or low temperature glue gun
• Assorted objects such as dowel rods (good for arms and legs), prescription containers
(thoroughly wash first!), soda bottles and/or caps, electrical wire nuts and any other hardware such as washers, machine screws and cotter pins that might be hiding in a drawer along with paper clips, rubber bands, pipe cleaners and the like
Also very helpful: Faber-Castell Metallic Gel Sticks and markers for details

Assemble the materials for your robot armature by selecting a head, a body and arms/legs. An armature is the underlying structural framework for a sculpture. In the shown example, a plastic container from a gum ball machine becomes the head, an empty and clean prescription container is the body and 3/8” dowel rods are the arms and legs with soda bottle caps for feet and metal washers for hands. Anticipate how you are going to assemble the pieces (glue, tape, rubber bands, etc.) in this selection. This will determine how you will proceed.
Use self stick labels to lay out the covering or “skin” of the robot. Predetermine the size needed then lay flat to decorate with metallic colored pencils. Extra detail can be added with color markers for dials, gauges and with the brighter colors of lighted on/off switches. Metallic Gel Sticks can be used for larger areas. Colors can be blended and areas can be multicolored (stripes, polka dots, etc.). It is easier to work on the surface when flat. Once the covering is complete, peel the label from the backing and apply to the surface of the body shape. If you do not have self-adhering labels, do the same coloring on paper and use tape to secure the skin to the pieces. Gum wrappers and other shiny thin, flat surfaces can be used for additional layered effect as well as smaller pieces of paper/label stock that has been colored and punched or cut out.
Once all the surfaces have been covered it is time to assemble the robot. Finishing touches can be added using metallic thread along seams, small brads pushed through cardboard parts for a riveted look or extra bits of wire attached with glue, tape or poked through holes to connect parts. Small spots of glue that are covered with glitter can also add a shiny effect.
A robot can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Rubber bands, paper clips and metallic pipe cleaners are good resources for attaching parts. The Metallic Colored Eco Pencils and Gel Sticks can be applied directly to a variety of surfaces….experiment first to find out what works best for you. Most of all be creative and have fun!

We’d love to see your finished robots. Please post them in our Facebook gallery or tag them with #greatartstartshere on Instagram/Twitter.

Metallic Gel SticksMetallic EcoPencils

Project by Franz Spohn for Faber-Castell

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