Father's Day Crafts

Father’s Day is right around the corner, how do you show extra appreciation to those special men in your life? Tell them they “Rock” by giving them hand lettered and painted rocks! This fun Mommy & Me craft is the perfect gift for Dad, Papa, Uncle or whoever is that stable rock in your life.


We have a ton of these colorful and meaningful rocks in the flower beds, garden, and they make a great paperweight for Dad’s office! (If displaying outside, make sure to apply a clear sealant to protect from the elements).

I am not a fan of clutter and as much as I love letting my kids get crazy with their art, I really try to come up with projects that won’t end up in the junk drawer or that ever-growing “art bin”. I have a hard time purging the kid’s crafts but I also just don’t have the space to showcase it all.


The Benefits of Mommy & Me Crafting


Kids can get creative with paint techniques and learn about how different colors work together. Mom can learn or practice the artful and simple skill of hand lettering. It looks intimidating and it does take some practice but it is useful once you have it down. I am nowhere near perfect but my gift recipients notice that extra special something.


Here are some helpful links to get you started with hand lettering:


Faber-Castell Modern Lettering Pitt Artist Pens Set

Faber Castell Modern Calligraphy


How to Craft Awesome Painted Rocks for Father’s Day


Here is what you’ll need:


Father’s Day Painted & Hand Lettered Rocks Video:



Father’s Day Painted & Hand Lettered Rocks Instructions:


1. Paint rocks white using tempera paint and brushes provided in kit. Let dry. Apply additional coats, if necessary. (This step is not necessary, you can paint directly on the rock! BUT colors are more vibrant on a white background 🙂 )

painted rocks


2. Decorate using paint provided in kit. Let the kids go nuts! Let dry.

father's day craft


3. Add special messages using the Modern Lettering pens. <3

hand lettering


4. *Optional* – Apply clear sealant for outdoor use. Let dry.


❤ Give to Dad, Grandpa, or that special guy in your life! ❤

dad rocks


Another cool project for Dad to display in his office are these DIY Cactus Pens. Not only are they “sharp” to look at, they are fully functional and fun to use. You can really get creative using air dry clay and tempera paints.


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