On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma will inspire, educate and engage in discussions regarding the importance of creativity, innovation and ingenuity. Jamie Gallagher, CEO of Faber-Castell® USA, is a featured speaker in the topic circuit of Why Creativity Matters to Business Today.

Jamie Gallagher

The topics of the afternoon session will focus on what role imagination, creativity and innovation have in the development of today’s workforce. Specifically, Gallagher’s speech, “Creatives Wanted: Artists Need Not Apply,” will address how “creative talent” may not be defined in the same traditional manner or for the same traditional roles which you might think. He will discuss how the workforce defines “creative,” the types of skills needed to succeed in the workplace as well as the role of education preparing future generations for the workplace.


Gallagher has 30+ years’ experience in leading premium quality, high profile brands in the toy industry. In 2003, he assumed his current role of President and CEO of Faber-Castell USA, the US subsidiary of the 254-year-old German parent company, Faber-Castell. Prior to Faber-Castell, Gallagher was a key sales and marketing team member with LEGO for 16 years. Next, Gallagher served as President of Playmobil USA before joining Faber-Castell.


The forum, hosted by Creative Oklahoma, will feature keynote speaker Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized authority in creativity and innovation in education and business. Gallagher is one of six featured speakers, an incredible group that includes executives from The Walt Disney Company and LEGO Education. For more information about the Creativity World Forum, visit www.stateofcreativity.com/forum.


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