Jamie Gallagher, CEO of Faber-Castell® USA, was a featured speaker at Creativity World Forum hosted by Creative Oklahoma. Feature photo by Garett Fisbeck


Gallagher’s speech, “Creatives Wanted: Artists Need Not Apply,” addressed how “creative talent” may not be defined in the same traditional manner or for the same traditional roles which you might think. He discussed how the workforce defines “creative,” the types of skills needed to succeed in the workplace as well as the role of education preparing future generations for the workplace.


Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma is one of the largest creativity and innovation conferences in the world, inspiring a broad cross-sector of students, business leaders and community leaders. It’s the only event to be held in North America in 2015 that brings global leaders in education, business, creativity and innovation together.


Take a look at the memorable highlights:


Jamie Gallagher Interview



Photo from @llazzelle




Photo from @Jeron_Veldkamp



Photo from @Jeron_Veldkamp

Photo from @Jeron_Veldkamp




Photo from @Jeron_Veldkamp



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Dan Lovejoy ‏@danlovejoy Mar 31

Jamie Gallagher brings some much-needed business wisdom. #CWF15



Lenae Lazzelle ‏@llazzelle Mar 31

Jamie Gallagher “Engage children today – so we can employ them tomorrow” #CWF15



Emily Pease ‏@emilympease Mar 31 Oklahoma City, OK

“It’s not just about coming up with creative ideas – the creative execution of ideas is equally important.” @Creativity4Kids #CWF15



Rachel Molieri ‏@MolieriR Mar 31

“Do more with less” could be our downfall. -Jamie Gallagher #CWF15



CreativeOKC ‏@CreativeOKC Mar 31

Is ‘too busy’ the enemy of creativity? James Gallagher @CreativeOKC #CWF15



Katie King ‏@Ms_Katie_King Mar 31

enemies of creativity: busy-ness, no time, productivity. this is why we need #essentialism #CWF15



Cynthia E Rolfe ‏@CynthiaERolfe Mar 31 Oklahoma City, OK

The greater the responsibility, the more important is creativity. Jamie Gallagher @OK_Creativity #CWF15


BBrashier Voice Guy @contractvoice  ·  Mar 31

#CFW15 Remember the blue/white vs gold/black dress? Welcome blue vs tan suit. pic.twitter.com/L3m6aH7982


Phyllis_Heather_Sir Ken



Creativity for Kids co-founder, Phyllis Brody, and Faber-Castell USA director of marketing for children’s brands, Heather Lambert-Shemo, with keynote speaker SirKenRobinson at Creativity World Forum.


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