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School is out and summer is here! It is the perfect time for family vacations, adventures and bonding. Whether that is a long road trip or a plane ride, crafts will be the perfect way to keep your kids learning and occupied. When picking craft activities for traveling with your kids, think of activities that they will enjoy and participate before you leave, while you are traveling and for when you get home. As the creators of the children’s craft activity kit industry more than 40 years ago, here are just a few that we recommend from our Creativity for Kids line:


Kid Activities to Do Before Traveling:

Packing for vacation can be stressful. Sometimes it’s easier to do solo and sometimes you need everyone to do their share (the first time you asked). We have many best-selling activities that kids can do while you pack or perhaps offer as a reward for packing… here are our top two:


Hide & Seek Rock Painting

Painting rocks is a fun family activity for kids of all ages. Need rock painting ideas for beginners? Paint rocks to represent your hometown, school or state and then hide them while you explore your vacation destination. Bonus – use the tracking sticker with #creativityforkids, join the Creativity for Kids Facebook group and see if someone’s found your rock!

rock painting

Spa Night

Spend time with your children away from the hustle and bustle of packing and leaving. One fun way to get into vaca mode is to have a spa night! Get those toes and fingernails ready for the beach, pool or anywhere! A spa night will be one small part of your vacation experience and you haven’t even left home yet.

 tropical spa


Crafts to Do While Traveling:

Look for crafts that come with storage or can easily fit in a back pack or diaper bag. Make sure the crafts are age appropriate to minimize frustration. We also recommend opening the craft kits prior to traveling for a couple of different reasons, 1) make sure everything you need to complete the activity is included (e.g. scissors, glue, tape, etc.), 2) read directions with your child to understand all the steps, 3) download relevant how-to videos and 4) get organized so you can easily grab from a carry-on or back pack.


Fun Felt Shapes for Younger Kids

Flying with your kids can be one of the most unknown parts of your trip. Plan for short activities to keep their attention for 15-20 minutes at a time. Our top recommendation is My First Fun Felt Shapes. It’s one of our best imagination kits for the youngest travelers. This kit will also make for easy clean up with its storage bag. With over 100 pieces inside your children will be learning and playing through even the longest lay overs.


fun felt shapes

Sequin Drawings

Drawing can be a tough activity while you are flying or driving. There are a limited number of flat surfaces to use and using markers or crayons can be difficult to keep organized. The Sequin Drawing kit is a fun, cool alternative. This sequin board is a flat surface and thin enough to fit in a back pack. It also does not require any markers or crayons – easily flip sequins using a finger or the included stylist to create designs. How about a few rounds of tic-tac-toe?

sequin drawing

Indoor Crafts with a Variety of Activities

While on a trip plans can be changed easily due to weather or traffic. The Camp Crafts kit is the perfect indoor backup plan for your trip. This kit is sure to impress any traveler with lots of different indoor activities. All you will need to bring with you is this kit, because it includes everything you need inside. You and your children can make 12 projects for hours of fun!


Sequin Pets Weighted Stuffed Animal

Traveling with your child’s favorite stuffed animal, blanket or both can be comforting and unnerving (don’t lose it!). We love to recommend Sequin Pets – flip sequins are great for those that fidget; the plush toy is weighted for comfort and they are totally adorable to carry around. Plus, if you lose one, we know where you can get the exact replica! Take Happy the Hedgehog on a tour of the city like Flat Stanley or maybe Dazzle the Mini Sequin Pet Dinosaur wants to go to the zoo, too.

mini sequin pets


When You Get Home

You and your family probably made many memories during your vacation. Encouraging your children to document these memories will be something they will treasure forever.


Scrapbook for the School-Age Kids

A great way for your children to remember their trip is through a scrapbook! Filling a book with pictures and captions can be an amazing end to a trip. Using the It’s My Life Scrapbook kit will make the crafting process much easier. The kit comes with all the supplies your children will need to capture their memories from their travels!


Story Book for the Preschool Age Kid

When your children get home from a trip, they have an abundance of fun stories they have experienced! A great way for them to remember is by creating a story book full of them. The Create Your Own Story Books kit will allow your children to create two books. They will fill them with drawings and words to create the perfect souvenir for their trip!

story book

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