Are you ever frustrated by the limitations of egg dyeing? All those pastel colors and it’s so hard to create fun details? Well no more! Amazingly, Faber-Castell Colored Pencils are made with a non-wax emollient formula that can work on eggshells! It is so easy to get the color and details you’ve always wanted and still have smooth, non-toxic, edible eggs to eat when the hunt is over. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Level of Difficulty: Easy – For all ages 4 to adult. Younger children will have an easier time with short fat pencils, like our Faber-Castell® Jumbo Triangular EcoPencils or MAX Colored EcoPencils.  Older kids and adults can use any Faber-Castell Colored Pencils. If you have any questions, please click on Contact Us on our website and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Note: Adult Supervision is REQUIRED when boiling the eggs.



Estimated Completion time: Approximately 5-20 minutes per egg, depending upon the complexity of your design.


List of Materials you will need:

– White Hard-boiled Eggs

– Faber-Castell® Colored Pencils:

– For kids under 6 we recommend Faber-Castell® Jumbo Triangular or MAX Colored EcoPencils

– For kids over 6 we recommend any Faber-Castell® Colored EcoPencils

– Cotton Rag – an old t-shirt works well


– Optional:

– Eraser

– Permanent Marker



Step 1: Ask an adult to help you make hard-boiled eggs. Adult Supervision Required. Make these at least an hour before you sit down to decorate because the eggs need to be fully cooked and then fully cooled prior to starting.  Remove (and eat!) any eggs that have cracked in the process.  While these are cooling you can gather your pencils, a rag and your sharpener.


Step 2: Hold an egg firmly in the palm of your hand. Not so firm that you crack it, but firm enough to keep it from rolling away! Work with sharpened pencils. You can draw on the egg with quite a bit of pressure without breaking the egg – you’re more likely to break your pencil lead before you’d ever break the eggshell.



Choose a colored pencil and begin coloring an area.  You want to “scribble” firmly in one direction first, blow away any pencil dust, then “scribble” firmly crosswise over the area you already colored.  Do this repeatedly until you’ve thoroughly filled the white areas of the eggshell. Occasionally blow away any of the pencil dust that naturally gathers on the surface – you want to keep this dust off of the other white areas of the egg and off of your hands as much as possible.  If you get the dust on your hands you may get smudges of color on the egg where you didn’t want color.  No problem, either use an eraser to clean off the smudges or just color over them with another color.


Step 3: When an area of one color is fully colored in, take your rag and “burnish” the color – this means rub the color until it’s a little shiny and there’s no more color coming off on the rag.  (A little color comes off when you first rub an area, this is ok).  Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until your egg design is finished.  That’s it!  Here are some examples of different design ideas:


Stripes ­– Choose your favorite colors and apply in bands around the egg.


Words – Send a message!


Geometric Patterns – I made colorful triangles and ended up with a piece of modern art!  You could do checkerboard or polka dots or any type of pattern – experiment!


Characters – First use a permanent marker to define the face and then color in the features.  Our robot is colored with metallic silver!



Really anything you can imagine can be drawn on your eggs –

Color, Explore, have FUN!!  And Happy Easter!!


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