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Here at Faber-Castell USA, we have a lot of fun turning our passion for creativity into fun experiences and thought you would like to learn more about us!

An interview with Lisa G., Assistant Design Manager and developer/designer of Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry 

Lisa G. working on Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry

How long have you worked at Faber-Castell USA and what does an “Assistant Design Manager” do?

About a year and a half ago, I joined Faber-Castell USA as a graphic designer and I mainly work on packaging for our products. I illustrate artwork for stickers and anything else that goes in the box, as well as create signs and other materials for marketing. What’s really cool is recently I gained experience developing products.

Working at Faber-Castell USA is great because I have always considered myself an artist and known, without a doubt, that I wanted to be in a job where I could design and create every day.  Whether it’s illustrating with colored pencils or pen & ink; painting; sculpting with clay; paper-crafting; or designing on a computer. I’m thrilled to work at a company where I have the opportunity to create art on a daily basis, in almost all of those ways!

I’m also very happy I can contribute to encouraging creativity and artistry in kids in the same way that I was encouraged.  I love that since I have a 4.5-year-old son, I bring our products home from time to time.  It’s been so fun and fulfilling for me to see him get excited by them firsthand!

Finished Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry

What inspired you to develop Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry?  What’s your favorite part of the kit?

We had an idea that we wanted to have creative experiences with crystals, but we weren’t sure what the kit should be.  After doing some research on how to grow your own crystals, and trying out several methods, we were really excited by the results!! Even now, after doing this for months, I still look forward to coming in the next day to see how my crystals will look, since they are different every time.

One of the coolest aspects of this kit is that if the crystals didn’t come out as I hoped, I can just reheat and start it again. It took some of the pressure off, and it’s interesting to see how differently crystals can grow in different conditions.

Crystals Grow Quickly!

I also really enjoy the process of painting them. I love the fact that they can be personalized with all your favorite colors, and it still looks like a professional piece of jewelry that you could’ve bought at the store… and it’s one-of-a-kind. In fact, I gave a pendant and earring set to my Mom for her birthday, and she had no idea I made them from scratch!  The pendant that my mom is now enjoying is even featured on the package!

Any fun details to share about the development process?

I didn’t keep track, but I’m guessing I probably went through over 2 lbs of powder – which means I made crystals around 25-30 times!!

Getting ready to paint and design jewelry with the crystals.

What is your favorite color and why?  Are you familiar with the research on how color affects mood?

My favorite color has changed over the years, but it’s probably always been in the blue & purple family. (Teals, periwinkles, violets & plums)

I’m not really sure the reason, but I have always been drawn to them.

I have often heard bits of information here and there, and did some research while working on this kit. So fascinating! I absolutely feel that color can affect moods and overall impressions of things, without you even noticing. As someone who focused on Psychology and Art in college, I am definitely interested to find out more.  Here is a guide of how colors are associated with mood:

Color inspires emotions


Even though there is no scientific evidence to support it, do you believe that crystals have healing powers?

I really don’t know. Even though I have never tried it, I think it is certainly possible that crystals could have natural healing properties. There is just so much about the world we don’t know…

A crystal ready for paint!


Anything else?

While science was never my favorite subject growing up, I was always interested and amazed by it. Working on this kit and getting to watch the crystals grow has rekindled that interest, and I am looking forward to developing more kits like this in the future!

Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry

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