Written by Robert Cambria, Executive Director of LilySarahGrace


As an organization committed to bringing the arts and creativity back into classrooms, it should come as no surprise that there are few events we look forward to more each year than our annual Los Angeles Craft Fair. This event not only offers more than a dozen table crafting stations where our child guests can explore new artistic methods, collaborate with one another and ultimately create unique works of art – it also raises much needed funds so we can continue bringing arts-infused inquiry based learning to classrooms; ensuring dynamic, creative and highly engaging educations for all types of learners.



Hosted this year at Quixote Studios in Griffith Park, and aided by a generous contribution of incredible artistic supplies from Faber-Castell, our craft fair provided hours of enjoyment for close to 500 guests.


The highlight of the day for us was the chance to wander around from station to station and see the incredible things that can be created when kids are given the time and tools to be themselves. Similar to our belief that children should be encouraged to use their natural talents to learn in a way that makes sense for them, table hosts at our craft fair provide a minimum amount of direction or instruction. Each and every crafting station is designed to allow kids time to see what they are working with, how they can express themselves individually and ultimately let their imagination run wild!

Whether painting a personalized skateboard, building nature mobiles from recycled or found natural materials, designing unique perfumes or creating a custom personalized journal to store poetry, photos or memories in – the theme of the day is always present: have fun and CREATE.

For us, there is no greater joy than when we see everyone leave at the end of the day with bundles of new and exciting creations. The experience of the kids at our craft fair only reinforces our belief that the arts and creativity are essential to ensuring all learners have access to their curriculum. As a teacher we knew once said, “Just like glitter, an education gained through the arts lasts forever!”

To learn more about the work of LilySarahGrace, please visit: www.lilysarahgrace.org.

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